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There are many benefits of cycling to lose weight, which not only develops the brain but also fitness

Bicycle is a very healthy means of transportation, it can greatly shorten the time between two places, and let people get good exercise. Moreover, it is environmentally friendly and will not pollute the environment due to exhaust gas. However, apart from riding a shared bicycle when time is too late, it is true that there has been no cycling for a long time. Such a green travel mode advocated by people is actually a good way to exercise. Long-term exercise of this kind of physical exercise will also bring unexpected surprises to the body.

First of all, this kind of exercise can very well enhance the cardiopulmonary function, because the road conditions are unknown during the riding, and the heart rate will fluctuate with the different speeds of up and downhill. Compared with ordinary exercises, such a way is more able to exercise the heart. It makes the heart muscle more developed, and at the same time can enhance the elasticity of blood vessels, effectively preventing cardiovascular diseases. The exercise intensity of riding is also relatively high. If you persist in outdoor riding for a long time, your lung capacity can also be greatly improved.

Many people think that cycling is a kind of exercise that mainly exercises the strength of the lower limbs. This kind of exercise can indeed make the lower limbs stronger. But in fact, it can also exercise the muscles of the whole body, whether it is the hands, back or buttocks. For people who lose weight, this is also a good exercise, which can achieve a good effect of burning fat and losing weight. Cycling periodically, the figure obtained is also very linear.

Can riding a bicycle lose weight?

Riding a bike to lose weight consumes 480 calories per hour, which is similar to the amount of calories consumed by running at the same intensity, and has little impact on your feet. The best time for this exercise is 40-60 minutes. Less than 40 minutes, the fat loss effect cannot be guaranteed; more than 1 hour, it will cause physical injury.

Benefits of cycling to lose weight

Simple and easy

Compared with aerobic exercises such as race walking and running, the easiest way is to ride a bicycle. Because the saddle of a bicycle cannot fully support one’s body weight during exercise, it can exercise better than running.

Weight loss

Cycling is a kind of aerobic exercise, which can regulate the internal body of the human body and effectively achieve the consumption of calories. Of course, if you want to achieve the goal of losing weight, you must have enough endurance. Persistent exercise will help you reach your ideal faster Effect.

Can exercise the whole body muscles

Riding a bicycle may seem simple, but it is actually working out the muscles of the whole body. When stepping on the pedals, you can exercise the quadriceps on the surface of the thighs and the gluteal muscles of the buttocks; the power transmitted by the pedals can exercise the calf triceps; holding the handles with both hands can make the back muscles Get exercise, at the same time the upper wrist triceps on both hands and wrists and upper body muscles can be exercised.

Develop the brain

Regular cycling is not only a physical exercise, but also a mental work. Because cycling is a heterolateral exercise, it can improve the agility of the nervous system. Alternate pedaling of the two legs can develop the left and right brain functions at the same time, and can effectively prevent premature aging and partial failure of the brain.

Precautions for cycling

Riding a bicycle is not only have benefits. If you ride a bicycle excessively or improperly when riding a bicycle, it will also cause certain damage to your body. Because cycling is a sport that needs to be performed outdoors, there is a certain risk. If the road conditions are not good enough, it is easy to fall. If the seat is too hard, it is easy to cause greater friction during riding, which will cause skin abrasions. If the height of the seat is not adjusted properly, the spine will be damaged in order to make the body posture wrong during riding.

Men are not suitable for long-term cycling exercise, because the bicycle seat is narrow, and the testicles, prostate and other organs are prone to ischemia, edema and inflammation after being squeezed for a long time.

The duration of each cycling exercise should be more than 30 minutes, 40-60 minutes is appropriate, pedaling exercise less than 30 minutes consumes sugar. When riding a bicycle, the heart rate (heartbeat) must be controlled at 2-3 times higher than usual to achieve the purpose of exercise.

When riding a bicycle, lean your upper body forward slightly, do not look forward too much, bend your waist slightly, relax your shoulders, straighten your arms, do not hunch back, do not collapse your waist, and keep your legs straight when pedaling.

Many people think that choosing a flat road is not as good as a rugged road, but intense exercise will only burn sugar, not fat, so novice cyclists can choose a relatively flat road. After proficiency, you can choose a road with a certain slope to enhance calorie consumption and better achieve the goal of weight loss.

The biggest trick of the bicycle diet is to ride for a long time, so don’t try too hard when you first start riding, otherwise it will cause hip soreness and fatigue.

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