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Can quitting sugar slow down the aging process? May be doing useless work

Beauty-loving girls have never stopped struggling to resist aging. Since the concept of “anti-glycation” emerged, many young ladies around me will buy various products that are known as anti-glycation on the market, and some are stars in Meimei Driven by them, they began to resolutely resist “sugar” in their diet. Not only did they give up their favorite cakes and milk tea, they even stopped eating staple foods in order to reduce the intake of “sugar,” and completely quit sugar.

Does this really work? Will it affect the health code?

Today’s article we will analyze step by step.

What is saccharification?

Saccharification, the full name should be called non-enzymatic saccharification reaction, which refers to the process in which reducing sugars react slowly with proteins, lipids or nucleic acids without enzymatic catalysis, and finally generate a series of advanced glycation end products (AGEs).

When the concept of saccharification was first introduced, it was mainly limited to the food industry.

Sugars such as glucose and amino compounds such as proteins react at room temperature or when heated to produce brown to brownish-black substances, and at the same time give food a unique flavor and color. Think about braised pork, does the saliva flow out?

But don’t forget, the braised pork is the result of reaction under high temperature conditions. And our body is constant temperature, far from reaching such a terrifying level.

What is the relationship between glycation and aging?

With the in-depth study of non-enzymatic glycation reactions, theoretical studies have found that the continuous accumulation of AGEs in the skin will cause cross-linking of dermal collagen and decrease skin elasticity. It can participate in the process of promoting fibroblast apoptosis and seems to be closely related to natural aging.

However, there is currently no evidence that anti-glycation or sugar withdrawal has any beneficial effect on this process. Therefore, if anyone is still talking about anti-glycation, if you want everyone to quit sugar, let it go.

Because the real culprit of skin aging is photo-aging (not physiological aging), and it is photo-aging that causes 90% of the detrimental skin changes.

Physiological aging (non-enzymatic saccharification) of this pot is not memorable.

Does quitting sugar affect the body?

Sugar belongs to carbohydrates and is the most important nutrient that our body cannot leave.

She provides energy to our body and is an important part of our body organs.

Therefore, quitting sugar completely is equivalent to quitting all foods except protein and fat.

If you give up sugar, will your body no longer undergo glycation?

In fact, as long as you are alive, there must be sugar in your body, and the glycation reaction will not end.

Because aging itself is something that cannot be resisted. This is a natural law, just like gravity.

From the moment of birth, the human body has begun to slowly age.

Is there no effect at all when quitting sugar?

Giving up sugar is not in favor, but large amounts of sugar can also cause many health problems. The most intuitive thing is to get fat.

Are anti-sugar products really useful?

At present, there are many kinds of anti-glycation products on the market. Anti-glycation liquids, pills, tablets, etc. (oral), anti-glycation masks (for external use), etc., all say that they can reduce the synthesis of AGEs or promote the metabolism of AGEs, plus various stars All endorsement platforms are out of stock.

But are these things really useful?

Anti-glycation liquid:

The main components of the anti-glycation liquid of a certain micro-business are collagen peptides, reduced maltose syrup, various plant extracts, sweeteners, colors, flavors, etc.

We can find that these ingredients are not necessarily related to preventing the body from producing AGEs. Collagen peptides are proteins. Reduced maltose is just a sweetener that does not undergo non-enzymatic saccharification. The remaining ingredients are mainly extracted from various plants and herbs. Things etc.

From the analysis of ingredients, this product is no different from the meat, vegetables and fruits we usually eat.

Actually, there are no fresh vegetables and fruits yet.

Anti-glycation mask:

This is even more unreasonable. If the non-enzymatic saccharification reaction occurs in the body, how can a topical product prevent this aging process magically?

Moreover, the skin is the largest organ in the body, so a few facial masks may not be possible.

Real anti-glycation, should do these

  1. Sun protection

The real culprit of aging is “photoaging”, that is, ultraviolet rays.

In order to prevent light aging, you can take measures such as wearing a parasol, wearing sun-proof clothing and sunglasses, and applying sunscreen to achieve the purpose of sun protection.

  1. Avoid air pollution and tobacco smoke

These are relatively common in our lives, such as smoke, exhaust gas, industrial emissions and automobile exhaust.

If possible, stay away from such an environment as much as possible, and use air fresheners at home. Also quit smoking and stay away from secondhand smoke.

  1. Can control added sugar (not sugar withdrawal)

Added sugar is sugar that is not present in natural foods, such as white sugar, brown sugar, yellow sugar, honey, etc.

Controlling added sugar can effectively control weight and reduce the risk of dental caries and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  1. Diet: Eat more whole grains and grains, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, eat less refined pasta, and try not to drink sugary drinks.
  2. Exercise: strengthen exercise.

The natural aging of the skin is irreversible, but its process is very slow. The anti-glycation factor in delaying skin aging may be only one of many factors, and the mechanism is not clear, so it can be said that there is no anti-glycation and anti-aging. Inevitable connection.

Speaking of quitting sugar, it is better to control sugar, reduce the intake of high-sugar foods, and develop a good habit of healthy eating.

At the same time, pay attention to sun protection, stay away from smoke, keep exercising, and be happy every day, you will naturally have satisfactory skin (beauty).

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